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Gicle'e is a French term meaning to spurt. Pronounced zhoclay.  The French painters have been using the term for years as a style of fine art. In our digital world it is a method of producing art with fine uv protectant inks on any media such as canvas, paper,wood, rice paper, etc. For buyers who want more than a paper print but not a costly original, a gicle'e is the choice.The new inks are so vivid that at times the gicle'e is more appealing.                      

1947 Caddy

A 1947 Caddy being driven by the then current President, Harry S Truman, down Pennsylvania Avenue with the Capitol and other Congressional buildings in the background. The time lapse vehicle lights give an abstract movement to the print. The passenger waving is the proud owner of the original painting.

Custom ordered gicle'e available at $750

Old Blue

All classic car buffs are familiar with OLD BLUE. This vintage Buick touring sedan is out for a drive through the Carolina Mountains, stopping to peruse country produce, bed spreads, hams, pumpkins and conversation with wood whittlers.

24" x 12" prints $62.50

12" x 6" prints $37.50

Ringling Terracotta

Mable Ringling parked in front of their mansion in her Pierce Arrow with famous clowns, Emmet Kelly and Lou Jacobs in the rear seat. John Ringling with their German Shepherd dog is along side.

Original art on 36" x 18" canvas $750

Smaller custom gicle’s $225

Sturgis Four

Four bikers going to the Sturgis rally. Mount Rushmore in the background. Four presidents and four bikers.

25" X 20" print on paper


Tall Dark And Chrome

He who dies with the most black leather and chrome wins all the marbles.

25" x 20" print on paper


Twisted Spokes

Every biker wants twisted hexagonal spokes that sparkle in the sun.

25" x 20" print on paper


View Adjustment

When this bikers’ lovely companion climbs on to the seat, he adjusts his rearview mirror. The joy of biking is the scenery as attested by the Dogwood and Mountain atmosphere.

25" x 20" print on paper


Hi Honey

The popular Holstein cowhide bike and the bikers outfits have attracted a Holstein bull.

25' x 20"  Print on paper


New Client

This painting was done for a lawyer and is a lawyer chasing an ambulance. Note the ETHICS COUNTY AMBULANCE.

25: x 20" print on paper


Rich Urban Biker

The acronym RUB is well known in the biking community. This painting was done for a developer who liked to collect rent in cash. His daughter posed as the bank teller.

25" x 20" print on paper



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