Major Paintings

Gicle'e is a French term meaning to spurt. Pronounced zhoclay.  The French painters have been using the term for years as a style of fine art. In our digital world it is a method of producing art with fine uv protectant inks on any media such as canvas, paper,wood, rice paper, etc. For buyers who want more than a paper print but not a costly original, a gicle'e is the choice.The new inks are so vivid that at times the gicle'e is more appealing.                      

Pieta At Ground Hero

Cardinal Egan coined the phrase at High Mass in New York after 9/11. This painting was presented to the Mayor and two chaplains and hangs in the NY Fire Department board room. Michael Angelo's Pieta was placed amid the carnage and Christ's figure replaced by a fallen firefighter.

16" x 29" print on archival paper

$225     Larger custom ordered gicle's available.


You the viewer has just stumbled upon this Seminole Indian scooping a drink from a Florida swamp. You are the intruder, a view of inner Florida rarely seen by tourists.

21" x 28" print on archival paper

$225     Larger custom ordered gicle's available.

Why Don't You Speak?

When Michael Angelo stood back to admire his work he stated "Why don't you speak". Sculpted in the SantDel Fiore behind a tutora (shed) for privacy. The disk atop the Terra Cotta scale model with a plumb bob is in proportion to the large disk that was atop the finished David. Depicts the modus operandi of this genius.

20" x 28" print

$225     Larger custom ordered gicle's available.

Ranges End

This print depicts the end of the cowboy.  When barbed wire was strung across the open range the cowhand was dehorsed and deguned. The barbed wire is authentic for this time in western history. The detail in the sweat stained saddle is also correct.

25" x 32" on museum quality archival paper.

$225     Larger custom ordered gicle's available.

Outdooring Of A Child

A commission by UNICEF. The artist was sent to Ghana, Africa to research a painting for The Year of the Child. Depicting a baptismal ceremony called the outdooring. Through this venture the artist became a close friend of Alex Haley the author of ROOTS.  A block of these prints were donated to the United Negro College Fund.

24" x 30" print, signed by Mr. Haley and the artist


Light In The Shadow

St. Patrick Cathedral in Chicago sponsored an international competition for a more contemporary Madonna. Done in a circular motif to echo Raphael's Madonna of the Chair but rendered in high key to accent the shadow of the cross falling across the face of baby Jesus.  Won the best of show.

27" x 27" and printed in a special extra run of viscous white ink

$375     Custom size gicle's also available

The Reward

Done as a mural in an upscale seafood restaurant in Washington D. C., it depicts a seaman in a waterfront bar and his female companion. Surrounded by bountiful seafood and spilled wine she is about to drop a plump oyster into his mouth. His reward. Has been customized by many clients by having their heads painted into the art and their favorite wine label rendered on the bottle. Great conversation piece for your dining room or bar.

40" x 20" gicle'e on canvas


A Small Favor

One of the Hope of Israel series.  Depicts a small boy on his tippy toes, inserting a small prayer into a crevasse in the West Wall (Formerly the Wailing Wall) Legend says that the doves take these prayers up to Heaven.

25" x 28" print on archival paper


The Proving

A 13 year old boy at his Bar Mitzvah Proving himself to his congregation.

15" x 20" print on archival paper


Faces Of Israel

Professor Singer, past President of Tech Neon, The Worshiper at the West Wall, The Medical Student, Bedouin Desert Nomad, The Cultural Head of Ahrad, The Soldier, All reflect THE HOPE OF ISRAEL in these fantastic faces.

25" x 25" print on archival paper



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