Everyone loves the sea and mermaids

Gicle'e is a French term meaning to spurt. Pronounced zhoclay.  The French painters have been using the term for years as a style of fine art. In our digital world it is a method of producing art with fine uv protectant inks on any media such as canvas, paper,wood, rice paper, etc. For buyers who want more than a paper print but not a costly original, a gicle'e is the choice.The new inks are so vivid that at times the gicle'e is more appealing.                      

What Have You Done?

Neptune carrying a mermaid and wading through sea life.

Custom order gicle'e 22" x 28"


Titantic Mermaid

We all saw the movie. A cute little mermaid has found the gem.

Custom order gicle'e 22" X 28"


White Crackers

A lovely high keyed statement. White clouds, white surf, white sand, and a cute little girl feeding crackers to Sea Gulls.

Print on archival paper. 22" X 28"


Pearl on the half shell

A cute little nude curled up in an oyster shell. Can be customized to the companion in your life. To ________on the half shell.

13" X 10"


A stroll in the park with JJ

A painting for the Jason Project and Dr. Robert Ballard who found the R.M.S Titanic. JJ was the miniature submarine used in the project.

32" x 24" on archival paper.



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