About The Artist

Born in Evansville, Indiana October 15, 1924. First commission at 11 yrs of age. Paid $35.00, which was big money during the depression. Was a four Letterman in sports and designed the school newspaper. After a tour of duty with the USNAS in the South Pacific, attended the Chicago Art Institute, the American Academy, taught and lectured at several other schools. After a successful career working for the top Ad Agencies in Chicago and New York he moved to Sarasota, Florida where he continues to execute murals, portraits, sculptors, and other art for clients worldwide.

Sent to Israel, where he did the "HOPE OF ISRAEL' series. Sent by UNICEF to Ghana, Africa to do the "YEAR OF THE CHILD" and became close friends with Alex Haley, author of ROOTS. Awarded the Gold Medal by the Academia in Florence, Italy, never awarded to a non Italian artist. Made an honorary citizen of South Dakota after the paintings "WHY DON"T YOU SPEAK" and" WHITE CRACKERS" were donated and hung in the State's Museum. Presidential paintings for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush's, Thousand Points of Light and NAS flight portrait, George W. Bush's "OUR UNITED STATE" and Barbra Bush's, "MOTHER OF PEARLS" portrait. Several Congressional portraits including, a close friend, Senator Olympia Snowe. "PIETA AT GROUND HERO" presented to the mayor and two chaplains of the NY Fire Department shortly after 9/11.

This 85 year old "monkey" is still climbing scaffolding to render quality murals throughout the world.  As an artist ages his works accelerate in value. Better hurry folks.     


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